What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is similar to rooting a phone. Basically, rooting a phone means unrestricted access to the system like Android and iPhone. Rooting term is used for Android and Jailbreaking term is used for IPhone. Webroot team aware their user about the benefits and risks of Jailbreaking. And the user should install Webroot in their device through www.webroot.com/safe to secure their device from malware. In this blog, you will read about the benefits and risks of Jailbreaking.

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What is Jailbreaking?

Generally, Jailbreaking means to grant root access to an iOS device like an iPhone and remove all the software restrictions which are put by Apple, the device manufacturer. Normally, Apple provides the built-in software restrictions on an iPhone or iPad for the user safety, legal protections, and also for revenue as Apple generates money from every App Store purchase.

Generally, jailbreaking uses “privilege escalation.” Through Privilege escalation, it takes the advantage of a design vulnerability, flaw, and bugs to get the user access. As it uses the backdoor to exploit the vulnerabilities, that is why Apple do not approve it.

With a jailbroken phone, you can freely do whatever you want to do with your phone or tablet. You can access the third-party apps. It helps to customize and personalize your phone and its settings. It helps to unlock the carrier restrictions. www.webroot.com/safe

The Benefits of Jailbreaking:

  • Device Customization:

Jailbreaking helps to remove the manufacturer default apps and with this you can do easy file sharing and you can customize the look of your phone or tablet.  

  • Download Unauthorized Apps:

If you buy an app approved for the App Store then this will be long process. And Jailbroken devices can go straight to alternative app sources like Cydia. So, Jailbroken iPhones can access the official App Store, and also access the open-source apps available in the market.

  • Unlock Carrier Restrictions:

Keep in mind; Jailbreaking a phone and unlocking a phone are not similar. But a jailbroken phone can unlock carrier settings, and you can switch carriers if you want.

The Risks of Jailbreaking:

  1. Malware Installation:

 One of the major issues with the jailbroken devices is a malware infection. As hackers can easily attack on the jailbroken phones and can install malware into it. They attack on jailbroken iPhones through ransomware, and steal passwords and also make unauthorized purchases from your device. webroot.com/safe

  • Reliance on Jailbreaking Community:

Remember, you can do a hard reset and can update your phone to the official iOS version to undo the jailbreak. Hence, jailbreak can easily be reversed. But if you want to use your rooted device, then you need to rely on the jailbreaking community so that they release the next hack.

  • Exposure to Piracy:

Through jailbreaking, you can access more illegal content and activities. As Pirated content is not on the App Store, but this will get on Cydia and other sources. With a jailbroken phone, you are accessing pirated content at your own risk.

  • Loss of Phone Warranty:

Apple strongly states that if there is a jailbreaking, then the user will loose warranty.

To protect your device from malicious apps, user must install Webroot in their devices through webroot.com/safe.

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