What are the Common Methods of Web Tracking?

Web tracking is basically, the collection of information about the user’s activity on the internet like what they do online. Web tracking is used by the companies so that they came to know about your preferences, which helps the companies to make their content accordingly. Normally, companies use software tools like website trackers, beacons, and also tracking files just to see how the user interact with the websites. Hence, Webroot team just wants to aware their user about Web tracking and the user can easily install it through www.webroot.com/safe. But hackers use Web tracking to commit crimes like they steal your information and sell it on the dark web to make money. In this blog, you will read about the common methods of web tracking.

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Common Methods of Web Tracking:

  1. IP Address Tracking:

Every device you use online like computer, phone, router and the servers which powers the websites has an IP Address. This IP address is basically, a series of numbers which identifies your device on the internet. IP addresses are the basic component in the structure of the internet and it make sure that the web traffic gets delivered properly where it’s meant to go.

 Network admins use IP tracking software tools to monitor the devices which are connected to the networks. IP address shows your physical location, that is why websites use IP tracking tool to know where the visitors are coming from and through this, they can identify your behavior patterns. It also helps to predict your preferences. But always keep in mind, IP tracking works only if your IP address is visible. If the user hide their IP address by using proxy or a VPN, then this tracking method will not work.

2. HTTP Cookies:

Cookies are the code which gets stored in your browser, when the user visits the website it gets stored in your browser. Remember, first-party cookies are generally created by the website which you are visiting and it helps the site to remember what you like and also what you’re doing. First-party cookies save your preferences, like the time zone you live in and also your login credentials. www.webroot.com/safe

And the Third-party cookies are basically created by the parties other than the website which you’re visiting. These tracking cookies follow you when you visit from one website to the next. Normally, advertising agencies uses tracking cookies to track the user’s interest. The user must use Webroot antivirus to block third-party cookies.

3. Web beacons:

Normally, Websites and emails use web beacons in the form of a single-pixel transparent graphic image to track the user behavior.  Basically, these beacons are the tiny hidden cameras which are invisible to the user but they monitor everything what you’re doing.

These Beacons also helps in IP address tracking in emails like when you open an email, log in time and date and also when you click any links in the email.

These are some method of Web tracking, but Webroot antivirus will help the user to prevent Web tracking. The user just have to install Webroot in their devices through webroot.com/safe. For more details, just go to the official site of Webroot.

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