What are the Consequences of Using Unsecured Hotel Wi-Fi?

Sometimes, people connect their devices like Laptop, or Smartphones to the public Wi-Fi when don’t have mobile data. But while connecting to the public Wi-Fi, you must know the consequences of using it. Webroot team just wants their users to be aware their user, the risk of using the unsecured Wi-Fi network. And the user can download and install this security software through www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the consequences of using the unsecured Hotel Wi-Fi.

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What will be the Result of Using Unsecured Hotel Wi-Fi?

  • Stolen Credit Card Numbers:

If you are using public Wi-Fi, then it will become easy for the hackers to steal your credit card information. As hackers set up a Man in the Middle attack. In this type of attack, criminals interfere in your data which flows from your laptop to your bank account or other destination. They can easily attack because of the unsecured Wi-Fi router which is located at the hotel’s lobby or in coffee shops etc. In unsecured Wi-Fi, hackers create their own Wi-Fi signal. Hence, when you log in your information, hackers can be able to monitor everything you do online. Like when you purchase online, hackers can steal your credit card number. So, it is highly recommended that you should never use your credit cards on public Wi-Fi.

  • Stolen Bank Account Information:

If you are using public Wi-Fi, then it is easy for the cybercriminals to steal your bank account information.  To steal your personal information, they can use Man in the Middle attack. So, when you log in your bank account details or enter your payment card information while shopping online, they steal your bank information. It is advised that you should never use public Wi-Fi to shop online or to check your bank account balances.

  • Eavesdropping On Your Online Activities:

Always remember, when you are using public Wi-Fi, whatever you do online is not private like you view the web pages, email messages you send, and also the videos which you watch are not private. So, when you connect to public Wi-Fi, hackers intercept in everything you do online. Hence, it is advised don’t visit to any sensitive sites, send important emails, or watch any kind of embarrassing videos when you are using public Wi-Fi. As you don’t know who’s watching when you are surfing on web. www.webroot.com/safe

  • Stealing Your Usernames and Passwords:

When you are surfing on Public Wi-Fi and you just enter your usernames and passwords when you log onto sites. But there is lot of risk involved, as hackers can steal your log-in credentials and can log into your account without your consent whenever they want. So, it is advised never access financial or personal sites when you are using public Wi-Fi. If you want to be safe, then you should never visit to any site which requires log in when you are surfing at a library, restaurant, or hotel.

  • Infecting your Computer with Malware:

The hackers who are fully trained they do not intercept your data or steal your passwords. They just send the malware to your laptop, if you’ve enabled file-sharing feature over the public Wi-Fi network. Hence, it advised be careful while using public Wi-Fi and make use of VPN which encrypts your data.

The above method will describe you about the consequences of unsecured hotel Wi-Fi. But if the user need help, then they can contact to the expert of Webroot via webroot.com/safe.

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