What are the Dangers of File Sharing and How to Protect it with Webroot?

As you all know that Internet is filled with free files which many users download like screensavers and icons to music, articles etc. But sometimes these free files infect your computer with spyware. Cyber criminals make these files that they look like they are from real companies so that you download malware. When you download theses free files, this result in identity theft and loss of money. Hence, Webroot team wants to aware their users about the dangers of file sharing and the users can install this software via www.webroot.com/safe. This antivirus safeguards your device from all kind of malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read the dangers of file sharing.

Dangers of File Sharing:

The user finds a file on internet and starts downloading it. Files like articles and white papers, Music files such as MP3 files and ringtones, there are Video files, Icons and graphics, Screensavers, wallpaper etc. which users tries to download from internet. When the users download these files, Spyware is attached to these file secretly or without the consent of the users. It is enclosed with the User License Agreement which generally users do not read. After this, silently Spyware installs itself on your computer system and starts running in the background. But now your device and identity is at risk. Spyware starts monitoring your computer activities, collects your personal information, it filled your device with pop-up messages, it starts altering your files and can also lead to computer crashes.

Method to Practice Safe File Sharing:

In order, to avoid the dangers of file sharing it is highly recommended that you should use computer security software. The users should take these steps just to ensure their computer security. Customers should practice below steps:

  1. They should avoid the dangers of file sharing just by avoiding questionable Web sites.
  2. It is advised users should only download the software from sites which they completely trust.
  3. You should be attentive while downloading anything from internet and carefully observe that what other program is downloading along with the original file.
  4. If a file redirects you to a site which ask you to install a search toolbar, screen saver, smiley faces or cute cursors, then you should think twice before installing.
  5. You should avoid P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing services because P2P network clients generally install spyware in your Computer.
  6. Keep in mind that the files which you swap and share such as photos, music, videos or games etc also contain malicious programs.
  7. Hence, it is advised you should update your operating system regularly, and also increase your browser security settings.
  8. You should install the best security software products installed in your PC like Webroot antivirus protection through www.webroot.com/safe which protects your device from malware and viruses and also monitors the network traffic. It also hides your PC from online scammers.

For easy installation of Webroot antivirus in your device, you should visit to the site via webroot.com/safe.

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