What are the Digital School Safety Tips For Students?

As you all know students are studying remotely because of Covid-19, so it is very essential that they follow the digital safety tips for learning online. For the protection of the internet connected devices, the student should install Webroot antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the digital school safety tips for students.  

Digital School Safety Tips For Students:

1. Set Camera Guidelines:

Today, cameras and video conference have become the part of online teaching. But you should keep in mind the privacy is at risk, when you use a camera. For younger students, the parents should work with their child and just watch when the child is using the camera. If they are working on the device but the camera is not in use then you should teach your child to cover it in order to ensure privacy. There are many laptops which come with a manual switch and allow the camera to be blocked. And older students do more work in teams; hence it is advised you should not accept video chats, screen shares, instant messages, phone calls and also the files from strangers.

2. Children Should Use Tools which Protect Them While Learning Online:

The children should use security tools which protect your child during online learning. The user should install McAfee antivirus software in their device which provide Parental Control feature to its user. Through which, the parents can restrict the website access on certain websites and can also set limits on screen time and can track the activity of your child.  And the Older students should use VPN, which is a powerful tool for protecting your online privacy. VPN helps to establish a secure connection to the internet, hide your online activity and also keeps your private information secure.

3. Invest Properly in Child’s Learning Tool:

The children should invest properly in Learning Tools. They should keep in mind that they connect securely, communicate easily and can also be able to handle any online work.

4. Keep Your Valuable Information Private:

It is advised you should not sign up with a personal email address. As Schools, have must provide you with an email address or a username and password. The user should not give too much personal information in the app profile. And it is advised you should keep your location, phone number and dates of birth private. While login to education apps, the student should always keeps their information private and also make sure the children should not share their account with anyone.

5. Concept of Digital Citizenship:

The parents should monitor the apps which they use for school and you should also check what they write on them because these messages are visible to the school administrators and also to the college admissions officials. The children should understand it is very necessary to create a safe space to learn.

These are some of the digital safety tips for students. And for more safety, the students must install Webroot antivirus in their device via www.webroot.com/secure.

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