What are the Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed up your Web Browsing?

Webroot antivirus is the amazing security product which offers complete protection to your data and also helps in increase the speed of your device. It runs in the background and can install via www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the keyboard shortcuts to speed up your web browsing.

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Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed up your Web Browsing:

1. Jump up and down on a Web page:

If the user wants to get through several pages of text on a web page, then they should press the space bar to jump down one page at a time. And if you want to jump back one page at a time then you should press this shortcut is Shift+Space. Using these shortcuts helps to save time of the user.

2. Enter a new URL or Edit your current one:

If the user wants to type in a new web address or they wanted to go to a different sub-page of the current website then you have to press Ctrl+L (Windows) or Cmd+L (Mac) to move up to your browser’s address bar. This Keyboard shortcut will highlights the current URL so that you can make changes.

3. Zoom in and out on a page:

If the user wants to see more or less detail on a website, then they have to press Ctrl+plus or Ctrl+minus on Windows (Cmd+plus and Cmd+minus on Mac) in order to zoom in or out on your current page. Through this way, you can only change the view of your browser’s current page. But if the user wants to go back to the default zoom level then you should press Ctrl+0 or Cmd+0.

4. Search for a word or phrase on Web page:

If the user wants to search for word or phrase then they have to press Ctrl+F or Cmd+F just to open a search bar in your web page, and then you have to type in the search term. You should use quotation marks for exact phrases which you’re looking for. Now, you’ll see the number of instances. For details, hit on webroot.com/safe.

5. Manage your open tabs:

If the user have less than eight tabs open then you have to press Ctrl+1-9 or Cmd+1-9, this will take you to the corresponding one, numbered from left to right. If you want to switch to the previous tab then press Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab (Cmd+Tab or Cmd+Shift+Tab on Mac). And to close your current tab, press Ctrl+W.

6. Create a bookmark from an open tab:

If the users want to save a page so that they can easily access in the future. For this, you should press Ctrl+D or Cmd+D in order to create a bookmark. When the bookmark is saved, then browsers will open a pop-up window which will allows you to rename the page or just move it to a bookmarks folder.

These are some of the keyboard shortcuts which will speed up your Web browsing. To keep your device virus free, just install Webroot antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe which will also speed up your device.

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