What are the Tips Given By Webroot for Remote Workers?

As today, because of the problem of coronavirus almost 50% of the world is under lockdown so many of the companies instruct their employees to work from home. If the employees are working on their own devices, there many things the company should consider so that their official work will be done in a proper manner and the company as well as the employees suffer any kind of loss like hackers cannot be able to steal their company’s valuable data. So, in this blog Webroot team gives some tips for remote workers. You can install this antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe.  This antivirus safeguards your device from cyber threat like malware and viruses. It also scans the data regularly and stops the unauthorized access by hackers.

Tips Given By Webroot For Remote Workers:

  • Educate Your Employees:

Company should educate their employees about the basic security knowledge. They should train them about phishing emails to avoid the cyber scams created by hackers. They should strictly advise to use private Wi-Fi networks only as public network, can install malware in their devices and hackers can easily be able to steal your enterprise databases. As phishing attacks increased during cronavirus period, the employees should not click on any links send by unknown sender. this blog

  • Provide VPN access to the Employees:

VPNs access is very necessary for the people who are working from home. It gives the layer of security to the employees work and also to the company database. Through hackers cannot recognize the employee location. It encrypts the sending and receiving data. Hence, every employee should access their device through VPN network.

  • Time For Password Audit:

Company should check the passwords of your employee accounts which they are using for accessing company services. Employees must use the strong passwords for accessing company database. The password should be complex and unique and they can use the password manager for generating and storing these passwords. link

  • Install Strong Antivirus:

Companies must be using special security measures for protecting their computer systems. But this is not possible for the remote workers, so you should train them that should install good antivirus software like Webroot antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe which protect their device from unauthorized access and secure from cyber threat like malware and viruses. This antivirus will also protect the employees from phishing attacks. It creates a wall between the threat and the employee’s device and also monitors the network traffic.

For more details, you can contact to the customer care executive of Webroot antivirus on their toll free number anytime from anywhere through webroot.com/safe.

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