What are the Top 5 Common Computer Security Vulnerabilities?

Computer vulnerability is basically the weaknesses which are found in your computer system or network. As a result, hackers take advantage of the vulnerabilities and gain access over your device. The reason of these computer vulnerabilities are if the user ignore system updates or notifications, keep outdated software in their devices and there are many issues in your system which leave you vulnerable to a number of internet attacks. Webroot team wants its user to aware about computer vulnerabilities. And these vulnerabilities can be easily prevented by installing Webroot antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe. This software manages the network traffic and gives additional layer of security to your device. It scans the data timely to secure it from malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read about the common computer vulnerabilities.

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Top Common Computer Vulnerabilities:

  • Weak Passwords:

If the user is using the weak passwords, then they are making it easier for hacker so that they can gain access over your valuable data. As you all know, that Passwords are the main keys for your accounts safety. So, you should always make sure that your passwords must contain eight characters or more in length and it should be the combination of letters, symbols, numbers and special characters. For the additional security, the user must use 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), as this will confirm that whether you are trying to access your accounts or somebody else.

  • Controlled User Access:

It is advised that you should limit or control the access to your network as this will ensure you that who can access your network and who can’t. The main motive of controlled user access is to reduce the risk of hackers gain access over your system. This will restrict other user to access the sensitive data of an organization or company and also restrict the use of other types of applications used by a company. www.webroot.com/safe

  • Outdated System And Software:

Always keep in mind that outdated computer system or its software leaves you vulnerable to variety of internet attacks. Hence, it is very important to updates your system and software as they provide patches to the security holes which are there in older versions. Along with security fixes, updated software also provides new or enhanced features for the more security of your device. They also remove the outdated features from your device.

  • Unsecure Wi-Fi:

If the user use public Wi-Fi network then it does not only provide you an internet connection for your devices, but also gives the entry to other individuals who wants to harm you. So, it is advised that you should make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is password protected. Secondly, you should prefer to use private Wi-Fi connection for security concern. If in emergency, you have to use public network than make use of VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network which will hide your IP Address and also encrypt your data.

  • Human Error:

The user must install Webroot antivirus in their device and along with that, the companies must educate their employees about the basics of internet security.  Educating your employees will improve the cyber security as through this they came to know what they should do to secure themselves from the latest threats. And by educating, you are putting another layer of security to secure your business’ assets.

If the user wants to protect themselves from computer vulnerabilities, they must install Webroot antivirus via webroot.com/safe.

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