What are the Types Of Password Attack and How to Prevent it with Webroot?

Password is the key of all your account. Computer users keep strong password for their account so that nobody can gain access to their device and data. But hackers always try to steal your password because they know this is the easiest method through which they can gain access to your valuable data. Hackers used different type of method to attack on your password. So, Webroot team wants to aware their users about the Password Attack and gives ways how they can prevent it. This antivirus can install through www.webroot.com/safe. This antivirus software secures your device and data from internet threat. And this software is perfect for the devices like Window OS, Mac, Laptops, Computers, and Android Phones.


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What are the Types of Password Attack?

  • Brute Force Attack:

This is the easiest way which hackers usually use. In this, hackers use the computer program to create password to login to the user’s account. These attack start with weak password, easy to guess password and also use upper and lower case characters.

  • Dictionary Attack:

In the dictionary attack, hackers use the common words and short passwords. They use the common words with numbers which they put before and after the word. They generally use the username which is easy to determine.

  • Social Engineering Attack:

In this hackers use the phishing attack, in which they sent the email or text to the user which contains the malicious link in it. When the user click on that link, malware install in their computer and steal their valuable data like username, password etc. Hackers also use the Spear Phishing method, in which hackers sent the email to the user and email is based on the information about the user. This information forces user to click on that malicious link and made easy for the hacker to steal your password.

  • Key logger Attack:

In this, hacker installs software on the user’s endpoint just to track the user keystrokes. This enables hacker to get the username, password and also about the website in which user login with this credentials.

How to Prevent Password Attack?

To prevent password attack, users must use the strong password which is easy to remember and hard to guess. It should be the combination of numbers, letters, and symbols and avoid using common words and phrases. You can also educate your employees against the social engineering tactics which hackers use to steal your credential. Companies should depend upon the single sign on (sso) and multi-factor authentication which does not allow hackers to gain access to your valuable data. You should install Webroot antivirus in your device through www.webroot.com/safe which helps to protect your data against phishing attacks.

These ways help to prevent the Password Attack but if you still have any kind of issues then you can go to the official website of Webroot antivirus through webroot.com/safe.

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