What are the Ways To Unblock Websites And Access Blocked Websites?

If you find some blocked content on the internet and you want to access them there are many ways to fight back. Hence, in this blog, you will read how to unblock websites and access blocked content. For support, the user can contact Webroot team via www.webroot.com/safe.

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Ways To Unblock Websites:

  • By using a Virtual Private Network (VPN):

To unblock Websites, you should download your preferred VPN like Webroot Wi-Fi and VPN via www.webroot.com/safe.  After this, you have to connect your device to the internet. Then, you should switch on the VPN and just select a server location just to browse from. In case, the content which you wish to access is location-specific, then you should select a location. But if you wish to secure your traffic and just hide your IP address, then you should select Optimal location for the fastest speeds. At last, you can browse anonymously and securely from a hidden location.

  • By Using Tor:

If you want to unblock a website, by using Tor.  Then, you should visit to the Tor website and then select your device like Window, Mac, Android and Ios. After this, you should follow the instructions to install the Tor browser. Here, you should launch Tor and then configure it. Now, you can connect it and access any website.

  • Unblock Website using Web Proxy:

In case, you cannot be able to download Tor or VPN, then just use a web proxy to immediately unblock the content. Here, you should connect proxy server and then you have to fill your desired destination to hide your original location. This will unblock the website.

  • Using Proxy Extension:

First, you should download the browser extension from the chrome store. After this, you should add the extension and then install it. Now, you should select the donkey hat icon which is present in the top right of the screen and then the Proxy will open. Then, you should click on Turn on to activate Proxy. Here, the Disguised button will let you select your location. At last, you can see the unblock content.

Access Blocked Websites:

  • Use URL Shortener:

To access blocked websites, you should go to one of the URL shorteners. Then, you have to enter the website which you wish to unblock into the URL field and then click on Shorten! Now, you should copy your new, shorter URL. After this, you should paste the new URL in your browser. Now, you will bypass the restriction and can visit to the site which you want.

  • Try Switching Protocols:

If the site uses the basic method to block the website, then switching from HTTPS to HTTP or vice versa will solve the problem. You should always remember, HTTP is an unsecured protocol and do not enter any personal information or passwords into the site which use HTTP, for privacy concern.

  • Use Google Cache:

If you want to get to a cached version of a site, then you should go to google.com and then search for the site which you want to access. After this, Google will show you the site with an arrow to the right. You just have to click on the arrow. At the end, you should select Cached and then bypass the restriction.

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