What is Mobile Security Given By Webroot For Android Users?

Webroot’s Mobile Security for Android gives you malware detection and web-surfing security. It keeps your identity and data safe when you are shopping and banking online. For installing this application, you should visit to the official site of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe.

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Procedure of Webroot’s Mobile Security For Android Users:

  1. Register Mobile Security for Android:

First, download the Webroot Mobile Security app from the Google Play Store. Then, you should install the app on your Android device. After this, you should hit on the Webroot Mobile Security icon in order to launch the app.

Create an Account:

For current users, if in case you have upgraded your Mobile Security for Android app then you should click on Log In and just use your existing credentials.

For New Users, remember a product keycode is needed to create an account and to activate the app. In the Product Keycode field, you should enter the keycode which you have received with purchase. And the keycode will be there in the email for online purchases or on a retail card if you purchase offline. Then, in the next field just enter your email address or phone number. After this, you should create a password. Here, you need to click on Create Account.

Accept Subscription Terms:

When you click on Create Account, then Mobile Security will give you the Webroot Agreement. You just have to tap on Agreement to review the terms and after this, click on Agree button to continue. www.webroot.com/safe

Accept System Permissions:

Here, the application will asks for permissions but if you don’t allow permissions for the app then it will not function properly. Because security app need your permissions. For this, on the welcome screen of Mobile Security for Android, you should click on Go. Then, the app will ask to access your stored media or apps on the device, for complete scanning in order to protect your device. Here, you should click on Allow button.

Now, the process of registering Mobile Security for Android completed.

2. Run Security Scan and Set Up Protection for Google Chrome:

In the First Scan, if you have given media permissions to Mobile Security for Android, then it will properly run a first-time scan of the device. When the scan finishes, then it will show you a status of Safe or Attention Needed.

Google Chrome Browser Security:

When Mobile Security for Android declares that the device is safe, then it will ask permission to protect on Google Chrome. For this, first start from the notification. If you want to add this protection from the notification, then you should open the notification and click on Yes option. After this, click on Open Settings.

But if you want to add this protection from the Mobile Security for Android app. Then, you should click on the menu button (3 dots icon). After this, click on Settings. Now in Android’s Accessibility settings, you should tap on Mobile Security. After this, tap the toggle to turn Accessibility on. At last, click on Allow.

This process will run the first scan and set up protection for Google Chrome.

This is the Mobile Security given by Webroot for Android Users. If the user need more assistance, then they can contact Webroot team via webroot.com/safe.

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