What is the Method to Connect VPN on Window 10?

Remember, people use a VPN on a laptop is not different than using it on a PC. It is advised the user should use Webroot VPN for laptop. More details about Webroot VPN, then visit to www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the method to connect VPN on Window 10.

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Method to Connect VPN on Window 10:

  1. Use Webroot VPN:

It is highly recommended that you should use Webroot VPN via webroot.com/safe. Webroot VPN protects your online privacy and with this, you can access your device on the public network. It hides your IP Address and monitors the network traffic. You can browse freely and can do shopping and banking without any tension. It protects your device from hacker’s attack.

2. Create VPN Profile on your Laptop:

If the users want to create VPN profile for your work account, the you should check the VPN settings, or you should check for a VPN application in the intranet site in your workplace. If the VPN profile is for personal use, then go to the Microsoft Store and just check whether there’s an app for the VPN service and after this, go to the VPN service website to check if the connection settings are listed there.

If you confirm the VPN for work or VPN for personal account then click on Start button. After this, you should select Settings and then click on Network & Internet. Now, you should select VPN and then select Add a VPN connection. Then under Add a VPN connection, you should go to VPN provider. At this point, you should select Windows (built-in). Here, you should go to Connection name box and then type any name. Keep in mind this is the same name which you use when you want to connect in the Server name or address box. Now, you should type the address for the VPN server. Here under VPN type, you should select the VPN connection type which you want to create. This means you should know what type of VPN your company or VPN service uses. Under Type of sign-in info, you should choose the type of sign-in info or credentials to use, like username and password, certificate, one-time password, or smart card used to connect to a VPN for work. You should type your username and password in the boxes and then select Save.

3. Connect Window 10 Laptop to VPN:

For this, you should go to the right hand side of the taskbar. After this, you should select Network icon with the Wi-Fi symbol. Now, you should select the VPN connection which you want to use. If you select the VPN, then you should select Connect or if VPN in Settings opens, you should select the VPN connection from there and then tap on Connect. At last, you should type your username and password.

The above method helps to connect VPN on Laptop. If the user needs help in installing Webroot, then go to www.webroot.com/safe .

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