What is the Method to Fix If Google Play Store Not Working With VPN?

If Google Play Store not working with VPN, then this means Google Play Store may stop working if it is paired with a VPN. It is advised you should avoid free VPN, and use Webroot VPN via www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if Google Play Store not working with VPN.

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Method to Fix If Google Play Store Not Working With VPN:

1. Switch your VPN server:

If the user chooses a different VPN server then it will easily fix your Google Play Store issues. As you all know that Google Play Store generally available all around the world, so some of the items listed in the store is not accessible in certain regions. Hence, it is advised you should try to change your VPN server, and also select a country where the content you want is accessible. If in case, this does not work, then you should pick a different region and again try.

2. Use Webroot VPN and Avoid Free VPN:

It is advised you should avoid free VPN because it displays ads and sell your data. Ads are harmless but sometimes it delivers malware in your device. And their servers are overloaded with free stuff and will make your experience unpleasant. This is the reason why Google Play Store don’t work with VPN. Hence, in this situation you should use Webroot VPN through webroot.com/safe. This will provide you faster speed connection and better privacy protection.

3. Flush Your DNS:

You should launch a CMD with admin rights. After this, you should type these commands one by one and press enter

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

netsh winsock reset

After this, you should Restart your computer system. When your PC reboots, then you should re-connect to your VPN and access your Google Play Store once more. For more details, tap on webroot.com/safe.

4. Use public DNS:

For this, first you should right-click on the Start menu. After this, you need to select Network Connections. Now, you should tap on the Change adapter options button. Here, you should right-click the active Internet connection on your PC. Then, you need to select Properties and double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). At this point, you should toggle the Use of DNS server addresses radio button and then type in the Preferred field. After this, you should put in the Alternate one and tap on OK button. At last, you should Restart your computer system.

5. Clear Your Cache(Android):

You should go to your phone’s Settings screen. After this, you should visit to your App Manager which is usually called Apps. Now, you should scroll down till you find Google Play Store and then select it. Here, you should press Force Stop and then tap on the Storage button. At this point, you should press the Clear Cache button and then hit on the Clear Data button. Now, you should Go back and locate Google Play Services. Here, you should again repeat steps 4-7. At last, you need to restart Google Play Store.

The above method helps to fix the issue if Google Play Store not working with VPN. If the customer wants to know more about Webroot VPN, then go to www.webroot.com/safe.

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