What is the Method to Fix If System Restore Failed Due To Antivirus Error?

Sometimes, System Restore process fails because antivirus is blocking it. To fix this issue, you should install Webroot antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe which do not interferes in your device work.

Method to Fix If System Restore Failed Due To Antivirus Error:

1. Use Another Antivirus:

If your present antivirus is creating issues, then you should use another antivirus which is compatible with Windows 10. You should install antivirus software which provides malware protection and do not block System Restore process.

2. Boot in Safe Mode to Perform System Restore:

Boot in Safe Mode:

For this, you should tap on the Start button and then choose Settings. After this, you should tap on Update & Security. Now, you should choose Recovery from the left side of the screen. At this point, you should visit to Advanced startup. Here, you need to hit on Restart now. Next, you should choose Troubleshoot from the Choose an Option screen and then hit on Advanced options. Then, visit to Startup Settings and then tap on Restart option. When the computer restarts, you will view a list of options. At last, you should select 4 or F4 key to begin your computer in Safe Mode.

3. Perform a System Restore:

First in Safe Mode, you should tap on Start button. Now, you should visit to the search field box and then write System Restore. Then, you should tap on Create a restore point. Here, you should hit on the System Restore button and then tap on Next button. Just, choose a restore point which you have created before. At last, you should tap on Next option and then hit on Finish.

4. Uninstall and Reinstall Current Antivirus:

To fix this issue, you should first uninstall your current antivirus and then reinstall the correct version for the Windows 10 operating system. When you uninstall the antivirus, then download the latest version of Webroot antivirus via webroot.com/safe which is compatible with Windows 10. The newest versions give more cybersecurity protection and provide multiple features which will work better with your system. This process will fix the antivirus blocking System Restore problem. It will remove the leftovers files which will interfere with other software.

5. Place your System in Clean Boot Mode:

You should navigate to the search box. And then, write msconfig. Now, you need to choose System Configuration. Then, you have to locate the Services tab and then choose Hide all Microsoft services box. At this point, you should hit on Disable all button. At last, just Reboot your computer.

6. Run Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool (MRT):

The customer should hit on Start button. After this, you should write MRT in the search box field. Now, you have to right tap on MRT and then choose Run as administrator. Here, you need to provide administrator permissions or then tap on Yes option to allow.

7. Perform System File Checker Scan:

First, you have to tap on Start button. And then visit to the search field box and write CMD. Now, you should choose Command Prompt and then right tap on it. You need to select Run as Administrator and then write sfc/scannow.

After this, you should hit on Enter key and then Restart your system.

For installing Webroot antivirus software in your gadget, visit to www.webroot.com/safe.