What Malware Do On Your Phone and How to Manually Uninstall it?

In this digital world, everybody is depending upon the devices like Computer, Laptop and Android Phones etc. But when you are using these devices it becomes very necessary that you should use best security software like Webroot antivirus which you can install in your device through www.webroot.com/safe just to protect your device from cyber threat. Because cyber attacks becomes very common nowadays. Hackers attack on your devices by installing malware in your devices just to steal your valuable data and this data they sell it in the dark web just to make money. And people store all their valuable data like financial detail, credit card detail etc. in their devices. Hence, to secure your valuable data, you should protect your device from malware.


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What Malicious Apps Do On Your Phone?

The malicious apps subscribe your phones to premium services or they send premium SMS messages to other people. These apps record phone conversations and they send them to hackers. It also collects your personal information, like your location via GPS, your contact list, photos, email address, banking details, etc. They put unexpected charges, through unusual SMS charges, or unauthorized app charges on your device. Through Rooting, they gain full control of your device. And also lock you out of your files and also they demand a ransom to release your files.

So, it is very essential that before you download any new apps, you must check that these apps are safe. It is also possible when you download the app it is clean but later on it get infected with malware. Hence, you must update your apps and device regularly to protect it from malware.

How to Manually Uninstall Malware From Your Phone?Webroot.com/safe

1: Go into Safe Mode:

If you go into Safe Mode on Android Phone, it will turns off the access to all third-party apps which is running in your device. This also helps you identify the threat in your Android phone’s unusual behavior. You can use your phone normally without any interference in Safe Mode. You should Reboot to Safe Mode after you press and hold the Power off button.  It will easily detect the malicious apps.

2: Identify the Malicious App:

To identify the malicious app, you have to open your Settings and then just choose the Manage apps or Apps & notifications tab. After this,  go to the Downloaded apps or Installed apps tab and just look for the suspicious apps.Then youshould review all the apps and just find the fake apps which is lurking on your phone.

3: Uninstall the Malicious App:

If you find malicious app, then select it and just click on the Uninstall button. Uninstalling will help you to remove malware from your Android.

4.  Remove Administrator Access:

If the malware has gained administrator access then you should remove it. For this, you should go to your Settings and then for Security. After this, click on Device Administrators and just check if there is any malicious apps in your device. If there is any malicious app, then you should click on the app and after this, click on Deactivate. Now you have uninstalled the malicious app.

For more detail about how to secure your phone from malware, just visit to the site of Webroot via webroot.com/safe.

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