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Webroot antivirus is strong antivirus which protects your gadget from emerging threat. It has improved features for the protection of your device like Firewall setting, web cam protection, identity theft protection, anti-theft protection and camera trap feature. You can install this software through www.webroot.com/safe. It improves the speed of your device and also does not allow hackers to access your device. It provide cloud storage feature for its customer so that they can gain access over their data anytime anywhere from any device. This cloud service makes the work of the companies easy and convenient. Because of its benefits, it also attracts hackers to lurk around your data stored in the cloud. In this blog, you will read the tips to protect your data in the cloud.

Tips To Protect Your Cloud Data from Hackers:

  • Ensure Local Backup:

 The important step that every company should take is to store the backup of their valuable data locally. Because in the IT sector, loss of data means loss of finance. If you have stored the data locally as well as in cloud, so in case you lost your data in the cloud you have your data stored locally. As a result, your company does not have to suffer any kind of loss.

  • Avoid Storing Sensitive Information:

You should avoid storing sensitive data in the cloud because if in any case you compromise your data in cloud, your company has to suffer a lot. And also you should not store your client’s sensitive data in the cloud for the security of your client from threat.

  • Use Encryption:

You should encrypt your data before uploading it to cloud, this will protect your data from hackers. Encryption adds the additional layer of security to your data from threat. You can also choose the service provider who gives you prerequisite data encryption.

  • Use Complex Password:

It is advised that you should generate the complex password which is difficult to crack by hackers. It should be the combination of letter, symbols and numbers. And you should keep changing your password on regular basis. You can also use two- factor authentication to increase the security of your data.

  • Use Additional Security Measures:

The data which is stored in cloud must be secured with Webroot antivirus which you can install through www.webroot.com/safe. This stops the unauthorized access to your data and also protects your data from other cyber threats like malware and viruses.

These tips will help you to protect your data in cloud. But if you want more information, then you call the expert of Webroot antivirus anytime from anywhere. For details, you can navigate to its official site via webroot.com/safe.

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