Why Anyone Will Hack Your Router and How To Prevent it?

In router hacking, hackers take control over your router without your knowledge. The common signs through which you came to know that your router is hacked are change DNS setting, slow internet, admin password will not work, and malware will install in your devices. Hence, Webroot team wants to aware their user about router hacking and you can install this antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe.  In this blog, you will reasons of hackers to hack your router.

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Reasons of Hackers To Hack Your Router:

  1. Eavesdrop On You:

As you all know that your router handles all the internet traffic on your network, and through your router hacker can properly see what you are doing online like which websites you visit and which services you are using. And also through your router, they can keep an eye on your online activity on any device.

2. Monitor HTTP connections:

If you visit to a website which isn’t using HTTPS encryption, this means that site is not secure.  Then a hacker in your router can trace everything you do in this websites like your personal data which you send or receive. And also they can monitor all the internet traffic on your network and use your data for their own personal benefit.

3. Interfere with HTTP connections:

Hackers can easily infect the unsafe websites which have unsecured HTTP connection by installing malicious code into it just to infect the devices on your network to steal your valuable data. www.webroot.com/safe

4. Install Router Malware:

If a hacker hack your router, then they can easily place malware into it. And through this malware, they can observe your online activity, steal your valuable data and can also damage your devices.

5. Attack devices on your network:

Always keep in mind, router hacker can also use your router to hack into other devices which is connected to your network. In this situation, if any device which connects to your router will be at great risk.

6. Redirect your internet traffic:

If hackers hack your router then they can change the DNS settings of your router, and then they can redirect your internet traffic at the DNS level anywhere they want. Normally, they will redirect you to malicious websites which they control so that they can scam you with pharming attacks and also to download malware in your device.

7. Use your Internet Connection:

If a hacker, hack your router then they can use your internet connection for free and can use your bandwidth which will slow down your internet speeds. More importantly, they can also use your Wi-Fi to access or share any illegal content in your name.

How You Can Prevent Router Hacking?

If you want to prevent your router from getting hacked then you should create new admin username and password for your router, disable remote access setting, you should install Webroot antivirus to protect it from cyber attacks, you should opt for WPA 3 support, change your router network name, update your router regularly and also you should setup router firewall.

If the user need assistance for installing Webroot in their device, then they can visit to the official website via webroot.com/safe

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