Why Parents Should Use Parental Control Feature To Control Their Kids?

When parents give their children digital freedom they have to suffer some positive and bad effects. If they don’t want their children to suffer then they must install Webroot antivirus software in their devices through www.webroot.com/safe. And for more safety so that their children do not go on the wrong track, they must set parental control feature in their device. In this blog, you will read why parents should set parental control feature in their children device.

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Reasons to Set Up Parental Control In all your Child’s Devices:

1. Monitor your Kids’ Devices:

Today, children are making friends online, but the parents should do their part by keeping tabs on their iPads, or iPhones. You should also check your trusted app store for options so that it protects your child online. This feature helps to monitor the things like emails, social media profiles, texts, and also other mobile functions.

2. What your kids Find on Search Engines:

On Search engines, there are some content which are inappropriate for some kids, according to their age and also on their stage of development. Parental control feature helps you to block the adult content and vulgar images, videos, and websites from the search results.

3. It blocks certain features of games your child can access:

Nowadays, some games come on the internet which allows your kids to surf the web, and can make in-app purchases, and they can also talk with other players online. As these features make the games more exciting, but you cannot allow your kids to use credit cards for purchasing these apps and also you will not like your children talking with strangers. Hence, you can block certain features on games.

4. Track your Kids’ Location:

Always keep in mind, that the GPS apps will help your whole family to track each other’s locations. This will also show that your kids are safe and this will also help you to find them in emergencies. You should teach your children to avoid tagging or posting their location on social networks because strangers can use this information and also advised your children to set up privacy settings. www.webroot.com/safe

5. Establish Good Cyber Safety Habits:

You should teach your children to adopt good cyber safety habits. As they are learning new things daily, they may not get engage in risky online behavior like disclosing their information to a stranger- their school name or date of birth. This will compromise their own safety.

6. Set Online Screen Time Limits:

Today, adults get addictive to their phones and they spend hours on their device. Children’s also get addicted and they also want to watch their favorite show or game for hours. Hence, you can set screen time limits in their device so that they can watch or play for some particular hours. If they use their device for long then this results in bad posture, poor eyesight, inadequate sleep, and also lack of physical activity.

The above are some of the reasons why parents should use parental control feature to control their kids online. If the user wants more detail, then they can contact to the customer care of Webroot via webroot.com/safe.

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