Why Your Smartphones And Tablets Need Security Software?

Generally, people used to install the security software in their computer and laptops but what about the security of their Smartphones and Tablets. Hence you should keep in mind; your Smartphones also requires the same security and safety as your computer need. Because, all your valuable and important data stores in your Smartphones and the user also open phishing emails, clicks on risky links, install malicious apps in their device. So, it is highly recommended for the protection of your Smartphone and Tablet you should install Webroot antivirus in their devices via www.webroot.com/safe. Normally, iPhone and IPads do not get infected with viruses, but they still have a risk of scam websites and also there is a risk of lost or stolen device. In this blog, you will read why Smartphones and Tablets need Security Software.

How Smartphones and Tablets get Infected with Malware And Viruses?

  • Third-party App Stores:

As you all know that legitimate app stores like Apple App Store and Google Play are the safest place for installing apps, because these stores provide malware and virus free apps for your devices. But the third-party app stores provide free apps for all. And these stores offer a free version of a paid app in order to trick users that these are real apps. But in reality, these apps actually contain malware in it, with the motive to steal your personal data.

  • Drive-by Downloads:

 This malware is basically installed in your device without your consent. It loads in your device, when you visit to the wrong website or if you open the malicious emails. These are generally drive-by download which automatically installs a malicious file in your Smartphones. These drive by downloads, makes your phone to perform a malicious tasks.

Tips to Secure your Smartphones and Tablets:

  • Install Webroot Security Software:

It is advised when you connect any device to the internet, you must install reliable and trusted security software in it like Webroot antivirus. This antivirus will secure your devices and valuable data from online risks which you are not aware of. This software provides real-time protection against emerging threat and monitors the network traffic in your mobile devices.

  • Install Software Updates:

 It is suggested you should install latest updates of your security software. Because, these updates will fix the latest security holes and also the software vulnerabilities. Normally updates add more security to your device settings and it resets the present settings of your device.

  • Be Conscious of the Apps Which you Install:

 The users should be conscious while installing apps. You should only install apps from the legitimate app stores like Google Play and the Apple App Store. Before installing, you must read the app reviews and also the privacy policy of the apps.

  • Lock your Device:

The user must lock the screen of their device as it is the first line of defense. This will protect the information which is stored in your device and also nobody can access your device without your consent.

That is why, Smartphones and Tablets need Security Software. If the customers need more detail for protection, then they can visit to the site of Webroot via webroot.com/safe.

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