How To Remove FBI MoneyPak Virus on Window 10?

This virus makes the performance of your computer slower, system instability; it eliminates the program from your computer like antivirus, antispyware and other security software, it will freezes your computer system, it will steal your login names, personal information, passwords and other confidential information without the user consent, it will encrypts the user’s personal documents, deletes the original files and also hides files which will remove malware. It will also demand a ransom from the victim and sends him a message.

Method To Remove FBI MoneyPak Virus on Window 10:

1. Use System Restore:

You should Restart your computer system if it boots to begin Automatic Repair. After this, you should enter this mode just by pressing F8 key or by hitting the Shift + F8 key altogether. You should restart your computer few times. If Automatic Repair starts, then you should select to Troubleshoot, then tap on Advanced options and then System Restore. Now, you need to select your account and then input the password and then tap on Continue option. Here, you should hit on Next option and then just select Choose a different restore point and then hit on Next again. Next, you will view a list of all available restore points. At this point, you should check Show other restore points in order to reveal all restore points which are available. Then, you should choose a specific restore point and then tap on Next option. At last, just follow the on screen instructions to finish System Restore process.

2. Delete Virus manually from Safe Mode:

For this, first you have to enter Safe Mode. If Safe Mode starts, then you should press Windows Key + R together and then input %appdata% and hit on Enter or OK button. Now, hit on AppData and then the Roaming folder will open. Here, the ser should visit to the MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup folder. At this point, you will view ctfmon shortcut and then just delete the shortcut. You should Close the folder. Then, you should press Windows Key + R together and input %localappdata% and then tap on Enter or OK button. In the AppData, you will view Local folder opens and then go to the Temp folder. Here, you will view the problematic .exe file and just delete it. The user can also delete all the suspicious files and folders from the Temp folder.

3. Use Webroot Antivirus Software:

It is highly recommended that to remove MoneyPak virus, the user must install Webroot antivirus through in their device as this helps to remove all the viruses and malware which damage your computer system. If this antivirus finds the malicious activity, then it will block it. It will protect your sensitive data and scans the device in order to improve its performance.

This method helps to remove FBI MoneyPak Virus on Window 10. For installing Webroot, visit to the official site of Webroot via