How to Resolve BSOD Error After Window 10 v2004 Update with Webroot?

When the user upgrade their computer to Window 10 v2004, then BSOD error occur because of outdated drivers. To fix this issue, you should scan your computer with Webroot antivirus via In this blog, you will read the method to fix BSOD error after Window 10 v2004 update.

Method To Fix BSOD Error After Window 10 v2004 Update:

1. Use Restoro:

To fix BSoD errors, you can use Restoro tool which scans your computer, finds the issues and just fix it. With Restoro tool, you can easily replace any elements which lead to BSoD error. It also helps you to create a restore point before it repairs and you can restore the previous version of your computer if something goes wrong.

2. Update your Software:

If the user is facing issues, then to fix this you should uninstall the software which is causing issues and just perform a clean install of the latest version. It is advised you should have the latest versions of your software before you upgrade to Windows 10 v2004.

3. Update your drivers:

Some users encounter BSOD issues, if there drivers aren’t of the latest version. If the user has updated their OS, but there drivers are outdated then they can update the driver manually from Device Manager or through manufacturer website. If you update manually, then it is time-consuming and in some cases, errors appear. Hence, it is suggested you should use DriverFix software which will automatically find the best drivers for all your computer system and also keeps your computer up to date.

4. Scan your PC for malware:

Always remember, malware is the common cause for BSoD errors. Hence, it is highly recommended that you should perform a full system scan with Webroot antivirus tool via so that you can remove the malware and viruses from your computer system.

5.  Check your hard drive for errors:

When the user install and uninstall programs in their device or if they copy and delete files then it affects your hard drive and result in BSOD errors. If in case, the user wants to avoid BSOD errors which is caused by faulty hard drives, then it is advised you should buy a new hard drive, especially if your hard drive is old or filled with errors.

6. Use System Restore:

To get rid of BSoD errors, you should perform a System Restore. When you perform a restore, you should upgrade your drivers to the latest version and then again update to Windows 10 v2004. It is suggested you should keep a backup of all the data before you perform OS update to Windows 10 v2004.

7. Reset your PC:

If the above methods mentioned cannot be able to fix the issue, then you should perform a full system reset. And if you want to keep your data safe, then you should keep a backup before-hand. The user can also use a third-party backup tool as it will save time and give better results.

The above method helps to fix BSOD error after Window 10 v2004 update. For information about Webroot antivirus, go to the official site via

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