How Webroot Helps to Fix Dwm.exe Issues on Window 10?

Sometimes, customer encounters Dwm.exe issue on Window 10 because of faulty hardware or malware infection. To fix this issue, you should scan your device with Webroot antivirus via In this blog, you will read the method to fix Dwm.exe issues on Window 10. 

Method To Fix Dwm.exe Issues on Window 10:

1. Update Controller Firmware:

Sometimes, the gamers face crashes when they install a new Xbox controller. To fix this issue, you should download the Xbox Accessories app from Microsoft Store. After this, install the available firmware updates and then relaunch your game. The user can also replace the controller or if you have USB-connected controller, then unplug it. At last, check the issue is fixed or not.

2. Check your Computer for Malware:

If in case, dwm.exe is using excessive CPU power or memory then it is because of computer virus. In order to remove all the suspicious files, the user should scan their computer with the help of Webroot antivirus via to protect their computer from malware.

3. Restart explorer.exe:

To restart, you should tap on Ctrl + Shift + Esc altogether to start Task Manager. If the Task Manager begins, you should go to the Details tab. After this, you should right tap on explorer.exe and then select End Task. Now, you should go to File and then tap on Run a new task. At last, you should enter explorer and then tap on OK button.

4. Disable Problematic Services:

To disable, you should tap on Win Key + R altogether and then enter services.msc and hit on Enter key. When the Services window opens, you should disable Skype Updater, Google Update and also Google Update services. For this, you should find the service which you wish to disable and then double-tap on it. If the properties window opens, you should change Startup type to Disabled and then tap on Apply and OK option to save changes. At last, make sure you disable all services.

5. Delete mdi264.dll:

To delete, you should tap on Start button and then press Shift key and then tap on Restart button. If your computer restarts, you should select Troubleshoot and then tap on Advanced options and go to Command Prompt. If Command Prompt opens, you should enter the command:

cd  C: \Users\Your Name Here\App\Data\Local\Temp

del mdi264.dll

When you should delete the file, you should close Command Prompt and then restart your PC.

6. Disable Chrome Pepper Flash extension:

For this, you should open Chrome. Now in the address bar, you should enter chrome://extensions and tap on Enter key. Here, you will view a list of active plugins and then find Chrome Pepper Flash. At last, you should tap on Disable button.

7. Run SFC scan:

The customer should navigate to Search option and then write cmd in the box. Then, open Command Prompt as Administrator. Now, you should write the below command and tap on Enter:


At the end, just wait for the method to finish and Restart your computer system.

For installing Webroot antivirus software, the user should navigate to the