If Kmode Exception Not Handled Error on Window 10 and 11! How to Fix it?

In some cases, users encounter this error if your OS is forced to stop completely. The causes of this issue are corrupt drivers and faulty RAM modules. To fix the issue, you should scan the device with Webroot antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe.

Method to Fix If Kmode Exception Not Handled Error on Window 10 & 11:

1. Install Missing Drivers:

If your computer boots, then you should press F8 or Shift + F8 key. Now, you will view a list of available options. After this, you should select Safe Mode with Networking and then wait so that your computer starts the Safe Mode. Then, you have to tap on Start button and write device manager and just select the app from the results. If you locate any unknown devices, then right-tap on it and then select Update driver. Here, you should select Search automatically for updated driver software. If this option does not work, then you should try the option of Browse my computer for driver software option. When you installed all the missing drivers, then you should exit the Safe Mode and just check the issue is fixed or not.

2. Rename Problematic File:

To rename, you need to tap on Win key + E at the same time to begin File Explorer. After this, go to your folder from Program Files and then find the problematic file and just rename it.

3. Uninstall ON/OFF Gigabyte:

To uninstall, you should tap on Start button and then choose Settings. After this, you need to choose the Apps section. Now, you should find the ON/OFF Gigabyte app from the list of apps which is on the right side and tap on it. Here, you should choose Uninstall option. At last, complete the uninstalling process and then restart your Computer.

4. Install Reliable Antivirus:

The user should tap on the Windows icon button and then choose Settings. Now, you should choose the Apps section. Then, you should find the antivirus from the list of apps and tap on it and just choose Uninstall option. At last, finish the uninstall process and just reboot your PC.

When you find the issue is fixed, then for the security of your device you should install reliable and dedicated Webroot antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe

5. Update your BIOS:

To update, you should visit to your motherboard manufacturer’s website and then download the latest BIOS version for your device. Now, you should load the files on a USB memory stick. After this, you should open the Start Menu and then tap on Power button. Then, you should press the Shift key and select the Restart option. Next, you will view the available options and select Troubleshoot. At this point, you should choose Advanced options and then choose UEFI Firmware Settings. Here, you need to tap on Restart button and then your computer will boot to BIOS. At last, you should look for the update feature of your BIOS and then just load new version from your USB stick.

Through this procedure, you can fix the issue of Kmode Exception Not Handled error on Window 10 & 11. For installing Webroot software, you should navigate to www.webroot.com/secure.