If Window 10 ntoskrnl.exe BSOD error! How to Fix it with Webroot?

Sometimes, user faces this error like window 10 ntoskrnl.exe bsod error. To fix this issue, the user should scan your device with Webroot software through www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Window 10 ntoskrnl.exe BSOD error.

Method to Fix Window 10 ntoskrnl.exe BSOD error:

1. Use Third-party BSoD Fixer:

To fix this issue, you should use third-party BSoD Fixer like Restoro. This software will help to restore the damaged, corrupted and missing system files. This tool will also fix the fatal errors and crashes. Restoro will allows you to replace the elements which results in BSoD error. With this, you can create a restore point before you start repairing.

2. Update your Computer:

For this, you need to tap on Win Key + S key altogether. After this, you should write Settings and then hit on Enter key. Now, you should visit to Update & Security option. At this point, you should visit to Windows Update. Then, you have to choose Check for Updates. At last, you can install anything.

3. Disable Overclocking Settings:

If the user has the overclocking software in their computer, then you came to know, why you are getting ntoskrnl.exe BSOD errors. As these tools, put a pressure on your hardware and force to run behind the software. This results in Blue Screen of Death crashes error. Hence, to fix this issue you should disable overclocking software.

4. Update your Realtek Audio Driver:

If you have BSOD issues in Windows 10, then you should download the latest Realtek drivers. The user should update your drivers and just download it.

5. Turn off BlueStacks/ Android Emulator:

To turn off Bluestacks, you should open Notepad. After this, you should enter the below lines:

C:Program Files (x86)BlueStacksHD-Quit.exe

net stop BstHdUpdaterSvc

net stop BstHdLogRotatorSvc

net stop BstHdAndroidSvc

At this point, you should tap on File and then hit on Save as. Here, you should set Save as type to All Files. Now, you have to enter script.bat as the file name and then tap on Save option. At last, you should locate the script.bat file and then double tap on it, just to run it.

6. Clean your Registry:

For this, you should visit to Start option and then write CMD. Now, you have to open Command Prompt as Admin. Now, you have to write in the below command:


At this point, wait for the scanning method to finish. Here, you need to restart your device. At last, you will see that all corrupted files will be replaced on reboot.

7. Check your Disk for Errors:

The user should start Command Prompt as Admin. Now, you should write the below command and then tap on Enter key:

chkdsk C: /f

Here, you should replace the C with the letter of your HDD. It will identify and repairs logical issues. In order to repair the physical issues, you should write the below command:

chkdsk D: /r

In Windows versions, you should visit to hard drives and then right-tap on the drive which you wish to check. Now, you should choose Properties and then hit on Tool. At last, just under Error checking section, you should tap on Check button.

8. Fix Bad Memory Issues:

For this, you should visit to Start button and then write Memory. Now, you should double-tap on Windows Memory Diagnostic. At last, you should restart your device and then check memory.

For fixing the issue, you should scan your device with Webroot antivirus via webroot.com/safe