How To Fix Unexpected Error 2203 in Window 11 with Webroot?

If incase, the user do not have Admin permission you will face 2203 error in Window 11. To fix this issue, you should temporarily disable your antivirus and switch to Webroot antivirus software via In this blog, you will read the method to fix Unexpected Error 2203 in Window 11.

Method To Fix Unexpected Error 2203 in Window 11:
1. Run Installer with Administrator Access:

This issue arises if the installer does not have the rights to copy files from this program in the installation folder. In order to resolve this issue, you should check that you logged in as an Administrator account and just force the installer to launch with administrative privileges. If you want to open the program’s installer with administrative privileges, then you should right-tap on it and then choose Run as Administrator from the menu. When the UAC (User Account Control Prompt) displays on your screen, then you should choose Yes option to give administrative privileges to the user.

2. Take Ownership of Folder:

The user should hit on Windows key + R simultaneously in order to open up a Run dialog box. After this, you should type %temp% in the text box and then tap on Enter key just to open up the Temp folder. Now in the File Explorer, you should hit on the Up arrow to the left of the address bar in order to move one folder just behind which is the Local folder. If you are in the Local folder, then you should right-tap on the Temp folder and just click on Properties. At this point, you should go to the Security tab and then tap on the Advanced button which is located at the bottom. Here in the Advanced Security Settings for Temp window, you should tap on the Change hyperlink which is next to the Owner. Then in the Select User or Group window, you should type Everyone in the box just under Enter the object name to select and then hit on the Check Names button which is followed by OK button. At this point, you should tap on Apply option to save the changes made. At the end, if the Windows Security prompts displays on your screen and then tap on the OK button.

3. Disable your Antivirus And Switch to Webroot Antivirus:

For this, you should hit on the expand arrow from your taskbar and then right-hit on your antivirus icon.  After this, you should disable it for 10 minutes. If you find the issue is fixed, then you should install a reliable antivirus i.e. Webroot via for better protection.

4. Perform Clean Boot:

To perform clean boot, you should tap on Windows key + R together to open a new Run box and then type in msconfig and then tap on OK button. After this, you should go to the Boot tab and then check the Safe boot option which is just under Boot options. Then, go to the General tab and ensure Selective startup radio button is checked but you should uncheck Load startup items under it. Here, you should choose the Service tab and then check the box Hide all Microsoft services. At this point, you should Disable all option to disable all the unnecessary services which results in this error. At last, in the Startup tab, you should hit on Open Task Manager and just disable all the startup items which are enabled.

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