The user can easily update the Password Managed sites from the browser or from the password page of your Webroot account. For more details, just visit to

Method To Edit Password-Managed Sites:

  1. First, just open a web browser.
  2. Then, you should use the toolbar or the Passwords page:

In Toolbar: You should Sign in to your Webroot account. Then, access the site which you want to edit. Now from the Webroot drop-down menu, you should select the site name which is at the bottom, and then click Edit.

In Passwords page: You should login to your Webroot account and then click on Go to Passwords. After this, you should locate the row for the site which you want to change, and then tap on Edit.

  1. Now, the Edit Site Information dialog opens up on your screen.
  2. You should make any specific changes in the Edit Site.

Now, Edit Site Information Dialog:

URL: It displays the URL of the website’s login page, which will not change till the URL has changed.

Name: It is the Site Name.

Group: This is a group which you assigned to this site.

Username: This is the login name for the site.

Password: This is the Password for the site and to see the password, click on Show.

Notes: This is the Extra Information about the site like PIN number of your ATM machine.

Options:  You should select any of the following like Favorite, Require Password Reprompt, Never AutoFill, and AutoLogin.

 Fields/Edit Form Fields: This site has field which are captured with Save All Entered Data.

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